We Anu Books are one of the oldest publication house which is running from last four decades. We are in Journals publication, Books publication and Thesis publication. We also entertain library books supplies. Apart from our own publication, we also supply books of different subjects of other publishers. Currently we have NINE International Journal on different subjects. These journals are edited by editors across continents. All journals has ISSN and published periodically. There are several aspects such our quality, popularity, greatest treatment to books which make us an expert of our sphere. We maintain unequaled reputations for creativity and excellence by help of state of the art publication systems.

We never compromise on quality that we have been delivering since our inception. Additionally, as mentioned above, we also supply books of our publication and other publishers to a number of libraries.Our compatible workforce makes us complete and competent to offer superior & timely publication. It is our infrastructure, manpower and our accessibility which enable us to fulfill any size of order within promised timeframe as well as with desired quality.