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Membership for 2019


is our partner in all eight journals with us,

which is a non-profit organization and working for providing cost-effective education.

Please, visit for membership and further details.

Latest Releases

  1. Research Journal of Philosophy & Social Sciences –  Vol 44 No. 2

  2. Review Journal of Political Philosophy –  Vol. 16 No.2

  3. Journal Global Values –  Vol. IX No.2

  4. शोधमंथन:  – June. Issue Vol. IX No. 4

  5. Voyager: A Journal of Life Sciences – Dec Issue Vol. IX No.1

  6. Artistic Narration: A Journal of Performing Arts Issue –  Vol. IX No.2

  7. Review Journal of Philosophy & Social Science -March Issue Vol. 43 No. 2

  8. Notions – June. Issue Vol. IX No. 4