VOYAGER Vol VIII 2017 No.1

1. Biochemical changes induced by Ascaridia galii infection during Passive Immunization in W.L.H. Chicks – Divya Singh

2. Animal Welfare: Key Concepts – Seema Sharma

3. Calcium –An Important Mineral for Women: A Review – Rakhi Dwivedi

4. Freshwater Designed Pearl Culture Technology – Amita Saxena

5. Advances in Microscopy-A Review – Neetu Nimesh, Deepali Joon, Manoj Nimesh

6. Clinical Manifestations of Tuberculosis – Deepali Joon, Neetu Nimesh, Manoj Nimesh

7. Morphological variation between Phlebotomus Argentipes, Annandale and Brunette and Phlebotomus papatasi (Scopoli), vector of Leishmaniasis from India – Neha Bhatnagar

8. Taxonomic Identification of Leidynema appendiculata using Large Subunit (28S) ribosomal DNA Sequence –
Sangeeta Pal and Neetu

9. Incidence of Black Spot Infection and Growth Patterns in Schizothorax Richardsonii (Gray) and Schizothorax Plagiostomus (Heckel) from Garhwal (West Himalaya) – Padma Vashist

10. Neoactinomyxon (Actenosporean Stage, Myxozoa) from Freshwaters of Meerut Region – Neetu and Sangeeta Pal

11. Spirulina Platensis – Its Potent Role in Aquaculture – Garima Pundir

12. Management of Nematodes through Eco-Friendly Botanicals – Alka Vyas and Shashi Bala

13. Effect of pollutants on Planktons and Fish Population in Two Water bodies of Hapur and Simbhaoli – Gupta, A.K., Pummy, Baliyan, R., and Kumar, N.