RJPSSs 2016 No.2

  1. Effect of Training on Employees – A Study – Dr. Ch. Seetha Ram

  2. Stereotypes And Women: A Start or an End –                                             DR. Shital J. Tamakuwala

  3.  Inclusive Education in Present Scenario : An Introspection –                   Dr. Mani Joshi

  4. Globalization and Women Professionals in an Industrial City – Shashi Saini 

  5. Ethnic Diversity and Its Effects on SocietyDr. Vinai Kumar Mishra 

  6. Panchayati Raj and People EmpowermentLaxmi Sharma

  7. A Study of Social Intelligence of University Students in Relation to their Emotional Competence.”Surekha K. Bandi, Dr. Venkoba Narayana

  8. The Inside dimensions of the Panchayat Adalat from the Enact J&kPanchayati Raj Act1989 and its Execution- AStudy of JhajjarKotli Panchayat-Dr. Shveta Sharma 

  9. Drug Addiction Among Youth – Dr. Shalini Bharadwaj 

  10. Demands of Human Equality from the Women – Dr. Shivali Agarwal

  11. A Study on Status of Indian Women Myth and Reality – A Responsibility of The Civil Society – Mr. Rajashekar C, Sujatha M. 

  12. A Study of Depression among the Institutionalized Elders – Kavitha, Kumudini Achchi

  13.  Condition of Distance Education in IGNOU Center, Manipur UniversityDr. Sharmila Thingbaijam, Lairellakpam Seilendra

  14. The Growth of Communalism in India – Vandana Bhargava

  15. The Life Style Disorder Among The Area of Rural and Urban – Anupriya

  16. A Study of Self-Perception of University Students –                                    Surekha K. Bandi, Dr. Venkoba Narayanappa 

  17. Perception of Citizens of Allahabad towards “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” – Jai Hind Sawant, Dr. Vibhuti Tripathi

  18. A study of Academic Involvement of Primary School Teachers of Bijapur district in relation to Gender and Age – Dr. Sajjan Sujata Dundappa