RJPSSs 2013 Vol 39 No.1

  1. The Deteriorating Role of Parliament in Indian Society –  Mohini Sharma

  2. Corruption and Human Rights: Causes, Consequences and strategical frame works – Monika Soni

  3. Effectiveness of Biological-Science Inquiry Model of Teaching in Enhancing Scientific Creativity Among Pre-University  Students  – Pramod Kumar M.P.M., Geetha, C.

  4. Role Of Harikatha In Development  Communication: A Study – Yathish.L.Kodavath, Dr. Sathish Kumar

  5. A Study Of Cognitive Abilities In Biology And Its Impact On Secondary School Students – M. Meena, Dr. Basappa. A

  6. Some Psychosocial Factors in  Relation to Vocational Aspirations Among Visually Challenged Children – Dinesh.M.K., Geetha, C.  Vamadevappa.H.V.

  7. Marriage Rituals In Banjara Community – Baby U Naik, Dr. R Sunandamma

  8. The Attitude Of Homemakers And Their Contribution Towards The Well Being Of  A Girl Child – Sajida Sultana, Victy Mithyla

  9. Methods Of Social Work In The Changing Scenario – Dr. P. Srinivasa Rao

  10. Social  Status Of Women Panchayat  Members In Solapur District – Dr. S.C. Advitot

  11. Fostering Professional Development  Among Teachers through Implementation of Information and Communication Technologies in Teacher training Institutions and Colleges of Teacher Education – Dr. Shazli Hasan Khan

  12. Violence Against Women in India: A Social Work Perspective – Dr. Rathod Patwadhan

  13. Brand Awareness And Promotions Through The Application Of Net Promoter Score ( Ccic Customer ).” (Central Cottage Industries Corporation Of India Ltd).- Er. Zafar Iqbal, Abhishek Bagle