RJPSSs 2013 Vol 39 No.2

  1. Displacement and Resettlement – Vikramendra Kumar

  2. Strategies For Overcoming Barriers To Educational Development of Scheduled Caste Students of Chitradurga City – Madappa D., Dr.Chandrashekhar

  3. Stress and Marital Adjustment of Working and Non-Working Women – Prof. Vishalakshi Honnakatti , Dr. S. P. Melkeri

  4. Gender Role and Development  : A Case of Santhal tribe in Salampather Village of Saraikella-Kharsawan district of Jharkhand – Vikramendra Kumar

  5. Achieving Gender Equality and Digital Empowerment of Women through ICT Integration in Women’s Higher Education –  Dr. Shazli Hasan Khan

  6. A Study on Computer Potentiality for Advanced Learning by Higher Secondary Students – Dr. S. K. Panneer Selvam

  7. Problems Encountered by Researcher Scholars while conducting Research (A Case study of Research scholars of few selected universities of Karnataka) – Anupama. R. Natekar

  8. Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women through NREGA in Gulbarga District: A Study on Problems and Challenges – Dr. Basalingamma S. H., Mr. Arunkumar Jadhav

  9. A Brief History of Basavakalyana, And Its Tourist Attractions  – Dr. Shivakumar V. Uppe

  10. Aim of Life – Dr. P.K.Das

  11. A Comparative Study of Thinking Styles of Science And Arts Teachers In Relation To Their Demographic Factors – K. P.Sharma Umesh Sharma

  12. Is There Order In The Universe – Dr. P. K. Das

  13. Students’ Comprehensive Anxiety Levels and Their SchoolPerformance: A Correlate Study – Dr. Keisham Shitaljit Singh

  14. Electronics Engineering Management – Counterfeit Electronics Components – Er. ZafarIqbal

  15. Marketing Strategy of Central Electronics Limited (Cel) – Dr. Ruchi Arora

  16. Learning and Teaching with Digital Tools – Dr. Subhash Singh