RJPSSs 2017 No. 2 Part 1 & 2

  1. An Approach to Crime Control – A Case of Delhi State –  Dr. Naresh Kumar 

  2. The Role of Saudi Women in Rationalizing Spending and Developing Saving Methods – Dr. Hassan Al-Omari

  3. Challenges And Opportunities For Inclusive Education in India – Dr. Babita Chaudhary

  4. Drug Abuse and Addiction: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention – Anu

  5. Living in the Shadows of Eve-Teasing: A Case Study with Special Reference to District- Una, Himachal Pradesh – Bhavana Sharma

  6. HRM Policies and Practices of The Study units and Job Satisfaction Levels Among Respondents – Dr. Pradeep Kumar 

  7. Book Review – Dr. Ved Kumari

  8. Need of Professional Attitude of Teachers Towards Teaching Profession – Dr. Keisham Shitaljit Singh, Naorem Norjit Meitei

  9. Concepts of Yoga Psychology in the Poetry of Philosopher Yogi  Vemana – Dr. Srikrishna Chandaka, Dr. Suneetha Kandi

  10. Effect of Emotional Intelligence And Achivement Motivation on Academic – Mr. Amit Kumar, Dr. Naxtra Pal 

  11. Livelihood Issues of Odisha Migrants: A Study in Surat City – Udit Digal

  12. A Study of Buying Behaviour of Consumers – Dr. Divya Kumar AgarwalAakash Mittal

  13. Indian Traditional Textile is The Combination of Science and Religion – Ms. Kanchan Saxena

  14. Playing and Watching Videogames – Impact on the Problem Solving and Pro Social Behaviour of Middle School Students – Dr. Smitha Baboo, Dr.Vasimalairaja

  15. ater Managment Challenges to Sustainability of Agriculture in Pondichery –  Dr. K. Gulam Dasthagir, Indhirapriyadharshini. M

  16. A Study on Physiological Factors Among Rural And Urban School Boys – Dr. Rajkumar G. Malkappagol, Dr. M.S. Pasodi 

  17. A Study of Problems by Urdu Medium High School Studentss of Vijaypur City in Relation to Writing of English – Safiya Mulla

  18. Autonomy of Will : A Kantian Approch – Hasen Ali Ahmed

  19. Philosophy of Education and Its Importance to Society – Dr. Janaiah Chimata 

  20. Study Habit of Secondary School Muslims Students of Vijayapura City – Kumari Zamrood Pasha Kazi, Dr. Venkoba Narayanappa 

  21. A Study on Domestic Violence And Its Impact on Women – Savitha Y.D, Dr.S.A.Kazi

  22. Impact of Various factors on Emotional Maturity of Adolescents of Coed-School of Meerut –  Priyanka Malik

  23. Breastfeeding Practices at Delivery Points in India: A Case Study of Two Government Hospitals of Kanpur City in Uttar Pradesh – Anil Kumar

  24. Learning And Thinking Style Among Male And Female Adolescens on The basis of Brain Hemisphericity – Kanu Priya

  25. Panchayati Raj And Women in India : A Sociological Analysis – Dr. Meghna Arora

  26. Role of Media to Enhance Social Development (In special reference to Indian Rural Society) – Captain Dr. Anjula Rajvanshi 

  27. Legal Equality And Physically Challenged Women – Hetal Ramani 

  28. Impact of Bodhisattva Philosophy on Indian Society – Dr. Mastan Malothu

  29. Impact of A Natural Resource Disaster – Forest Fires in Uttrakhand – Dr. Alka Suri

  30. An Historical Enquiry on Jain Traditions in Kanyakumari with Special Reference to Chidharal Malai Kovil – Dr. Praveen O. K.

  31. A Study of Job-Satisfaction, Self-Concept and Emotional Intelligence in relation to Academic Involvement of Male Primary School Teachers –
    Dr. Sajjan. Sujata. Dundappa

  32. Contextualising Multiculturalism in The Ideology of Sufism – Suraiya Nazeer

  33. Peace Education for Development  – Dr. Subhash Singh

  34. To Study The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction And Attitude Towards Teaching Profession of Primary School Teachers of Bidar District – Md. Zakir Hussain

  35. Right to Information Act- Catalyst for Good Governance in India  – Mrs. Geeta Kahol 

  36. Awareness of HIV/AIDS and STD amongst Rural Adolescents in Bhaghpat District of Uttar Pradesh  – Dr. Satyveer Singh

  37. Globalization and Growth: Electronic Higher Education in India – Dr. Atik-Ur-Rahaman. S.M.

  38. Congratulatory Story Leeds to Behind Bars: A Case History – Dr. A.S. Grewal

  39. Imagine without Girl ! – Dr. Laxmidevi Y.

  40. The Study Guidance Needs of Higher Secondary Students in VIjayapura DistrictDr.B.L.Lakkannavar

  41. Identification And Diagnosis of Adhd Symptoms Among Primary School Children in Andhra Pradesh – Katta Melkiyore & Dr. N. Deepa Mohan