JGV 2018 Vol. IX No.1 (Special April Issue)


  1. Value Considerations in the Kathopanisad – Dr. Nandini Mishra

  2. Role of Government in Economic Development – Sulakshna, Sachin Kumar

  3. Impact of CSR Initiative of Tech Mahindra Foundation to Create Women Livelihood Opportunities in Lieu with Contribution to the PM’s Vision of Skill Development – Dr. Alka Suri, Sameeksha Suri

  4. A Study on the Effect of Information and Communication Technology on the Marketing Strategies of the Indian Tourism Industry – Priyanka Dalmia, Mohit Yadav, Beenum Yadav

  5.  A Study of Child Rearing Knowledge and Practices of Non-Teaching Women in Relation to Their Job Satisfaction – Sarika, Dr. Kalpana Sharma

  6. Enhancing Spiritual Adolescence – Dr. Amreen Fatima

  7. Impact of Ashtaang Yogic Exercise For Stress Relieving in The Student’s Life – Dr. Jitendra Kumar Baliyan

  8. Assessment of Trade Before and After the WTO: A Case Study of India – Dr. Namrata Goyal

  9. Conceptual link between Jainism and Iconography of Vimala Vasahi  Temple of DilwaraGroup in Mount Abu –  Dr. Alka Jain

  10. Hunger and Malnutrition in Children – Dr. Shweta Katti

  11. Bipin Chandra Pal in The light of New Hindu Movement of Bengal – Saumya Bose

  12. Thiruvithancode Sreeneelakantaswamy Temple
    (Sree Mahadevar)- Historical Enquiry – Dr.Praveen.O.K

  13. A Study on Family Welfare Schemes of Mining Companies at Ballari District – Karibasamma N,  Dr. Pavitra R Alur

  14. Gender and Trust in Manager as Correlates of Cross-Cultural Adjustment among EmployeesShivanshi Atreya

  15. Role of Higher Education in India: Issues & Concerns – Dr. P.Venkata Subba Rao

  16. Transforming Underprivileged Groups Through Skill Development in India —-A Critical Study of Underprivileged Youth Under CDTP Scheme at GPW, ChandigarhDr. S. P. Chauahan, Alamjit Batta

  17. Personality Dimension and Gender as Correlates of Emotional Intelligence – Amit Kumar, Dr. Naxtra Pal 

  18. Advantage and Disadvantage of School Students in Respect of Certain Psycho- Socio Characteristics – A Case Study of Gaya District (Bihar) – Dr. Reena Singh

  19. How can a Women Start Business – Shilpi Jain