RJPSSs 2018 Vol. 44 No. 1


  1. Importance of Information and Communication Technology in the Adult Education Programme – Dr. SHARMILA THINGBAIJAM

  2. State and Democracy in Gandhian View – DR. NISHA TYAGI

  3. Contemporary Relevance of the Upanisadic message:  na tato viju-gupsate – DR. NANDINI MISHRA

  4. A Study on Human Resources Development of University Teachers – DR. VENKOBA NARAYANAPPA

  5. Globalisation and Its Impact on Higher Education – DR. SHWETA KATTI

  6. A Correlational Study of Job Anxiety and Job Satisfaction among School Teachers – MR. SATISH KUMAR & DR NAXTRA PAL

  7. A Study on Assessment of Contract Labour Welfare facilities at Selected  Mining Companies at Ballari District – Ms. KARISBASAMMA &  DR. PAVITRA ALUR

  8. Right to Education for Human Development – DR. SUBHASH SINGH

  9. Swachh Bharat Mission: A Study in the Context of an Ideal Society –      Dr. BADAL SARKAR

  10. Implementation and Effectiveness of MGNREGA in India: A Brief Study – DR. HARSHA SHARMA

  11. A Study of Administrative Behaviour of Secondary School Head Masters in relation to their Job-Satisfaction – DR. VENKOBA NARAYANAPPA

  12. Personality Development of High School Students – MR. K. SELVARAJDR. C. RAMESH

  13. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and Women Empowerment – DR. LALITA

  14. Psycho-Social Factors Leading to Criminal Behaviour – Mr.VIJAY.R.S

  15. Gender Inequality in Higher Education: A Sociological Perspective – DR. SHWETA KATTI

  16. A Study of Emotional Intelligence and Social Behaviour f 12th Class Students – DR. NEETI NAVEEN & MANJU AGARWAL

  17. Mobile Learning: – A mode to Transform the World of Learning – T. BLESSY & DR. B. WILLIAM DHARMA RAJA

  18. A Study of Study Habits in Relation to Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students in Social Studies – MS. MANJULA BHOVI & DR. L. B. PATTED

  19. How Can a Women Start Business – Ms. SHILPI JAIN

  20. Women and Armed Conflict: Resurging Violence – Ms. MEHNAZ TABASSUM

  21. Gandhian Views on Education & Its Relevance – Mrs. SHWETA RAI

  22. Entrepreneurship Developmental Training Programmes: A Case Study of Selected SHG’s in Sandur, Ballari, Karnataka – Mr. LAXMAN TOLI