Notions Vol. VII No. 2 2016

  1. Bhattacharya’s Progressive Attitude towards Women in The Context of Socio – Economic Patterns of Contemporary Society: A Perspective through Bhattacharya’s Music for Mohini – Dr. Payal Bhardwaj

  2. Dickens Oliver Twist as a Way to Reformation and as a Tool to Remove Social Wrong Depicting Urban England – Suman Mishra

  3. Semiotic Analysis of Anti-Aging Product Advertisement – Dr. Lakhimai Mili, Dr. S. Victor Anand Kumar

  4. Reasons Spivak Cites When She says that Subaltern cannot Speak – Swati Thakur, Dr. Santosh Thakur

  5. The Pain of Dissociation in John Cheever’s the Swimmer – Dr. D. Chitra

  6. Locating Tribal Cult in Tony Morrison’s TAR BABY – V. Rajarajeswari

  7. Impact on Society by Indian Women English Writer – Gunjan Sharma

  8. Women Subjectivity In the Novel’s Thomas Hardy – Dr Varsha Singh

  9. The Socio-Political Contemplation of Raja Rao’s Kanthapura – Dr. Sunil Kumar Jha

  10. Australian Aborigines’ Craving for Liberation from the Whites’ So called Legitimate Protection Boards – Dr. Deepti Sharma

  11. The Convergence of Mythology and Consciousness in Joyce’s A Portrait – Dr. Sukanya Saha

  12. A Quest for Her Roots: A Study of Divakaruni’s Oleander Girl – Ms. Anju Narwal

  13. Isolation &Luck in Hemingway`s novel ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ Anchal Sharma

  14. Style and Technique in The Novels of Mark Twain – Pragya Sinha

  15. Emotional Violence in Jane Austen’s PRIDE AND PREJUDICE – Ms. Kirandeep Kaur

  16. Formative Influences on George Bernard Shaw’s Literary Carrier – Dr Rafat Khanam

  17. Aristotle Poetics – Theory of Imitation and Concept of Catharsis – Dr Suman

  18. Reading Digitally: A Study of Donna Pierce’s Scottish Blood Bond – C. Harishree

  19. Digitalization of Language and Literature: Emoticons under Surveillance – Varada K Rajendran

  20. Reading Between the Lines; an Analysis of Troll Language in Malayalam Cyber Space – Amalu. N.S

  21. Re-Examining the Existence of the ‘Self’ Through the Name Sake – Dr. Mrs. P. V. Anila

  22. Reality of Indian Woman in Contemporary Indian Drama: Tara by Mahesh Dattani and Wedding Album by Girish Karnad – Dr. Jaysukh D. Hirpara