Notions Vol VIII No. 2 2017


  1. (N584) Transnational Journey in Bapsi Sidhwa’s An American Brat- K. Vaishnavi ,  Dr.S.Karthik Kumar

  2. (N585) Story-within-Story in Githa Hariharan’s Fiction-   Dr. Pawan Kumar

  3. (N586) Optimistic Approach of Adiga in The White Tiger – L. Ithaya Venthen, Dr. S Karthik Kumar  

  4. (N587) Henry David Thoreau As Over- Soul – Prof. Vikas Sharma

  5. (N588) Story Telling A Method of Language Teaching –  T. Arunraj

  6. (N589) The Caste Question and Praneshacharya’s Dilemma in Ananthamurthy’s Samskara – Arun Singh Awana

  7. (N590) Cinema and Communication: Negotiating Female  Stereotypes –  Dr. Eti Sharma

  8. (N591) Langston Hughes’ Simple as Black Every Man – Dr. Ousephachan K.V.

  9. (N592) Grapevine: The Informal Transmission of Information – Dr. Kartikey

  10. (N593) Portrayal of Women in Kavery Nambisan’s on Wings of Butterflies – A Psychological Analysis – Padmavathy.G

  11. (N594) Bama’s Vision of a Women in Sangati – Dr. Deepti Sharma

  12. (N595) Racial Consciousness in Hemingway’s Fiction – Dr. Upasana Singh

  13. (N596) Post- Structuralist Aesthetics and the Paradoxical Nature of Language – Dr. S. Karthik Kumar, Muzafar Ahmad Bhat

  14. (N597) Romantic Tradition The Prose Works of David Thoreau – Prof. Vikas Sharma

  15. (N598) Female Characters And Realism in Khushwant Singh ‘s Train to Pakistan – Mastan Singh

  16. (N599) Despondency and Dormancy: The Stifled Voice in the Select Poems of Philip Levine – R. Surya, Dr. R. Suresh Kumar

  17. (N600) Edward Albee: A Playwright with a Purpose  J. Arul Anand