Notions Vol V No.4 2014

  1. Different Shades of Relationship in AMIT Choudhary’s New World – Vinod Singh

  1. Empowerment Through Self- Indentity in Alice walker’s The Temple of my Familiar and The Color Purple – Dr Karthikkumar. S.

  2. Mapping Cultural Sensibility in the Novels of Amit Choudhary  –  Singh Vinod

  3. Text and Discourse in Communication Competence – Prem Kishor S. K.

  4. Social Consciousness in the Fictional world of Anita Desai – Dr. (Mrs.) Rana Rashmi

  5. Half Girl Friend by Chetan Bhagat Interrogates The Misconceptions That The Youth make and The Follies They Commit  Subha Lanke

  6. Understanding Facets of Feminism in Manju Kapur’s Fiction  – Dr. Latha Mutyaboyina

  1. Aboriginal Writing in Australia is a cry from the Heart Demanding Justice and better deal from the Iniquitous Whitemen – Dr.Bollavarapu.Raju & Sri Kumar R. Vijay,

  2. Identity crises and Rootilessness of the Aro Americans : A Juxtaposition of Langston Hughes and Toni Morrison Dr. KV  Ousephachan

  3. Immigrant Experience in Bharati Mukherjee’s Novel Wife – Roa Anand; , Rajya Lakshmi D 

  1. Ruskin Bond’s The Room on The Roof as an Allegory of Life – V. Iyappan, Dr.Gnanaprakasam .V

  2. Impact of Slavery on Mother- Daughter Relationship in Toni Morrison’s “ Beloved”- Sharma J.N., Sakshi Jain

  3. Loard of the Flies : A Symbolic Repertoire – Dr. Singh Parul

  4. Bharthi Mukherjee’s Jasmine – A Bird’s over View – Godi .Jacob Raju,G. Venkata Eastar Shanthi Jyothe

  5. Portrayal of Anand in Sagar’s Bleeding Partition  Rani Amita, Arora Mahesh

  6. Identity crisis in Nayantra Sahgal’s A Time to be Happy – Dr. Gnanaprakasam V., K.Vasanthajothi

  7. A Study of General Teaching Competency of Women Student Teachers in Relations to Their Interest in Teaching, Emotional Intelligence, Adjustment and Personality – Venkoba Narayanappa

  8. Analysis of Virginia Woolf ‘a Essay “Modern Fiction” – Neelam