JGV 2017 Vol. VIII No.1


  1. Impact of Demonetization on India’s Service Sector with Special Reference to Online Tourism Services – Priyanka Dalmia

  2. Legal and Ethical Issues in Advertising – Dr. Vikrant Chauhan, Nitin Garg

  3. Concept of Problem Behavior (Negative Mental Health) – Dr. Naveen Chandra Bhatt, Bhagwan Chandra Bhatt

  4. Nutritional and Pharmacological Aspects of Mushroom Cultivation – Vijaya U. Patil, Dr. Nitin Hosmelkar

  5. Support and Policy of Government for Women Entrepreneur – Shilpi Jain

  6. Human Resource and Economic Development – An Empirical Study on Meerut Commissionary – Dr. Kanika Maheshwari

  7. Trends & Structure of External Debt in India – Dr. V. K. Gautam

  8. A Study of Students- Teachers’ Perception Towards Quality in Primary Teacher Education Programme – Dr. Vinita

  9. Ambedkar’s Vision of Social justice for Women – Dr. Ravinder Kaur

  10. Culture and Advertising in the Scenario of Globalization – Dr. Abinash Das

  11. Emotion Regulation and Drug Abuse Among Adolescents: A Theoretical Research – Sachin Kumar, Dr. Kumkum Pareek

  12. Socio Economic Problems of Widow Women in Atalatti (Vijayapura) – Dr. Laxmidevi Y.

  13. A Study of Job-Satisfaction, Self-Concept and Emotional-Intelligence in relation to Academic Involvement of Female Primary School Teachers – Dr. Sajjan. Sujata. Dundappa

  14. The Process and Outcome of Entrepreneurial Competencies Development – Dr. Narendra Kumar

  15. Impact of Global Warming on Earth  – Dr. K. K. Verma

  16. Analysis Ideas of SPSS And CAI – Dr. Atik-Ur-Rahaman. S. M.

  17. Assessment of National Status of Pregnant Women with Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Dietary Intake – Dr. Alpana Sharma

  18. Adolescent Food Habit : A Sociological Approch – Anjana Yadav

  19. Impact of Gender, Intelligence and Stress on Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students  – Dr.B.L.Lakkannavar

  20. Effect of Pranayama and Physical Exercises on Selected Physiological Variables Among Secondary School Children – Dr. Rajkumar G. Malkappagol, Dr. M.S. Pasodi

  21. Status of Physical Fitness Among U G Students of Raichur District – Majeed

  22.  Effect of Emotional Training On Sports Performance of U.G. and P.G. Students – Dr. Kavitha Sangana Gouda M

  23. Secondary School Women Teachers’ Self Concept – Dr.Jayashree S.Reddy