RJPSSs 2016 Vol.42 No.1

  1. Psychological Problems of Prisoners: A Study on Central Prisons – Ms. Devraj Wodeyar Hosahally

  2. Objectives of Plato’s Philosophical InquiryMohin Mohammad

  3. Challenges And Future Perspectives of Technical Vocational Education And Training (TVET) System in Entrepreneurship Development of India with special Reference to India And Entertainment Industary – Dr. Pushpa Chauhan

  4. Parameter of Education – Dr. Kiran Pradeep

  5. The Language Movement of Goa Parochial Underpinning and instrumental Concerns –Dr. Joanna Coelho

  6. Social Intelligence: A View – Surekha K Bandi, Dr Venkoba Narayanappa

  7. Social Responsibility of Media in Human and Nation Development- Gunjan Sharma

  8. Transgenderism: A Theoretical Perspective- Dr. Fed Mathew

  9. Social Realism in the Novels of Mulk Raj Anand  – Navjeet Kaur

  10. Implementation of Mid-Day-Meal Scheme in the Imphal West District, Manipur – Dr. Keisham Shitaljit Singh, Tampha Ibemma Devi Nongthombam

  11. A Study on The Impact of Globalization on Indian Balance of Payments – Sajan S V, Dr. Seilan A

  12. Teaching Social Science in Selected Secondary Schoolsof Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan –A Case Study – Dr. Asha KVD Kamath

  13. Pali Majjhima Nikaya Sutta and Their Parallels Discourses in the Chinese Agamas- Abhinav Anand, Dr. Ajit Kumar Behru

  14. A Study of Professional Stress in School Teachers- Dr. Sarita S. Ogale

  15. Dickens Household Words as the Crusade Social Journalism of England During Victorian Per – Suman Mishra

  16. Adult Education for Women: Some Observations – Dr Rama Sharma, Kamaljeet Singh

  17. “Electoral Reforms in India – Issues and Concerns”- Dr. P. Venkata Subba Rao, Dr. B. V. V. Bala Krishna, Dr. K. Anil Kumar

  18. Different Dimensions of Corruption in India Some Suggestions for Prevention- Dr. Dhanpal Singh 

  19. A Study on Aggressive Behaviour And Performance of Sports Person – Majeed