RJPSSs 2016 Vol. 42 No.2

  1. Effect of Training on Employees – A Study – Dr. Ch. Seetha Ram

  2. Stereotypes And Women: A Start or an End – Dr. Shital J. Tamakuwala

  3.  Inclusive Education in Present Scenario : An Introspection – Dr. Mani Joshi

  4. Globalization and Women Professionals in an Industrial City – Shashi Saini 

  5. Ethnic Diversity and Its Effects on SocietyDr. Vinai Kumar Mishra 

  6. Panchayati Raj and People EmpowermentLaxmi Sharma

  7. A Study of Social Intelligence of University Students in Relation to their Emotional Competence.”Surekha K. Bandi, Dr. Venkoba Narayana

  8. The Inside dimensions of the Panchayat Adalat from the Enact J&kPanchayati Raj Act1989 and its Execution- AStudy of JhajjarKotli Panchayat-Dr. Shveta Sharma 

  9. Drug Addiction Among Youth – Dr. Shalini Bharadwaj 

  10. Demands of Human Equality from the Women – Dr. Shivali Agarwal

  11. A Study on Status of Indian Women Myth and Reality – A Responsibility of The Civil Society – Mr. Rajashekar C, Sujatha M. 

  12. A Study of Depression among the Institutionalized Elders Kavitha, Dr. Kumudini Achchi

  13.  Condition of Distance Education in IGNOU Center, Manipur UniversityDr. Sharmila Thingbaijam, Lairellakpam Seilendra

  14. The Growth of Communalism in India – Vandana Bhargava

  15. The Life Style Disorder Among The Area of Rural and Urban – Anupriya

  16. A Study of Self-Perception of University Students –  Surekha K. Bandi, Dr. Venkoba Narayanappa 

  17. Benefits of Exercise – Health and Fitness for Working Women – Dr. Kavitha Snagana Gouda M

  18. Perception of Citizens of Allahabad towards “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” – Jai Hind Sawant, Dr. Vibhuti Tripathi

  19. A study of Academic Involvement of Primary School Teachers of Bijapur district in relation to Gender and Age – Dr. Sajjan Sujata Dundappa

  20. Selected Psychological Variables Among Degree College Students on Cricket And Volleyball Players of Gulbarga Districts – Majeed

  21. Benefits of Exercise – Health and Fitness for Working Women – Dr. Kavitha Sangana Gouda M