RJPSS 2017 Vol. 42 No.2


  1. (RS2025) Gender Based Approach Towards Prevention of Human Trafficking   –   Kumudini Achchi 

  2. (RS2026) Teachers in the Track of Hurdles….!  – Arun Raj, Blessy

  3. (RS2027) Impact of Human Happiness on Subjective Well-Being –  Mani Joshi 

  4. (RS2028) Do or Die (Mahatma Gandhi) – Dr. Ravinder Kaur

  5. (RS2029) The Role of Teachers in Inculcating Values Among Students – Sarvesh Kumari

  6. (RS2030) The Effect of Yoga and Physical Exercises on Resting Pulse Rate Variable of Secondary School Students –  Rajkumar. P. Malipatil, Dr. Savitri S Patil 

  7. (RS2031) Quality Assurance in Higher Education in India –  Neelima Singh

  8. (RS2032) Peace Education in Today’s Perspective –  J.K. Vikal

  9. (RS2033) A Study on Teachers Efficacy, Instructional Strategies and Attitude towards Students with Learning Difficulties – Raghavendra P. K.  

  10. (RS2034) Rauza Jujhar Khan at Badaun: An Archaeological Study – Ashok Kumar

  11. (RS2035) Socio-Economic Effects of Sugar Mills on Workers – Meenakshi Chauhan, Dr. Bhudev Singh

  12. (RS2036) Need for Creating Awareness on Right to Education Act (RTE) in Slum Areas –  A Social Work  Perspective – Ms. Bhavana V., Dr. Kumudini Achchi

  13. (RS2037) Orientalism: A Perspective  – Chetna Gupta

  14.  (RS2038) The Upanishads and Ideological Conflicts – Dr. Sunita Tewari

  15.  (RS2039) Impacts of Positive Promotions for Person with Disability – Dr. J.S.P. Pandey, Sandeep Pandey

  16.  (RS2040) Women, Work, and Motherhood Ideology – Dr. Aprana Joshi, Dr. Girish Chandra Pandey

  17. (RS2041) Equality in Historical Perspective – Anu Khanna

  18.  (RS2042) Use of ICT- Based Information Resources and services for adult learners in Manipur – Dr. Sharmila Thingbaijam

  19.  (RS2043) Women Empowerment in Higher Education: Policies, Participations and Issues – Ravi Ranjan Kumar, Dhaneswar Behra

  20.  (RS2044) Trust in HR Manager and Expatriates Cross-Cultural Adjustment – Ms. Shubhi Sharma, Dr. R P Juyal

  21. (RS2045) Gumbad Imadul Mulk at Badaun: An Archaeological Study of Medieval Tomb Building –Ashok Kumar

  22.  (RS2046) School Counselling: A Neglected Link of Schooling System in India – Hardeep Kumar Deshwal, Dr. Mahima Gupta

  23.  (RS2047) Women and Technology: Development Perspective and Social Work Intervention – Ms. Sujatha M, Mr. Rajashekar C

  24. (RS2048) Quality Improvements in Secondary Education – Subhash Singh

  25. (RS2049) Age, Rank and Marital Status as Correlates of Alienation Among Indian Army Personnel – Kamna Chaturvedi

  26. (RS2050) Strength And Weaknesses of BSNL  – Kamalpreet Kaur

  27. (RS2051) Impact of Virtual–Try–On Online Apparel Shopping Decisions – Pawan Kumar Patodiya, Prity Birla

  28. (RS2052) Causes of Domestic Violence Against Women:  A Study – Jai Shanker Prasad Pandey

  29. (RS2053) Engineering Participation: Water Law Reforms, Management And   Strategies in India – Anoop Kumar Singh

  30. (RS2054) India’s Role in BRICS: With Reference to Prime Minister Modi (2014-2016)  – Badal Sarkar

  31. (RS2055) Consumerism and The Social Construction of Female Body – G. C. Pandey

  32. (RS2056) Problem Solving Ability And Achievement in Mathematics of XI Standard Students – Kiruba, Dr M. Antony Raj

  33. (RS2057) Women Entrepreneurship: – Challenges and Opportunites – Himani Vishnoi


  34. A Study of Relationship Between Personality Factors of Secondary School Children And There Academic Achievement – Dr B. L. Lakkannavar

  35. (RS2058) Behavioural And Academic Outcomes of Children with ADHD: A Quest for Developing An Intervention – Katta MelkiyoreDr N. Deepa Mohan