RJPSSs 2015 Vol 41 No.2

  1. A Path to Psychological Freedom – Dr.  Ch. Venkata Sivasai

  1. The Qualities Of An Efective Mentor. Exploring    The Perception Of The Roles And Responsibilties Of The Mentor – Jaspreet Kaur

  1. Use of ICT in English Language Teaching and Learning – Dr. Gurudevi U. Huteppanavarmath

  1. Rural Women Enterpreneurship And Self HeIp Groups – Issues And Challenges – Jyothi.D

  1. Conventional Education turning to Contemporary Education – Dr. Kulshrestha

  1. New Strategies For More Eflicient Learning – Jaspreet Kaur

  1. Gandhi & Aurbindo’s RoIe in Upliftment Of Education System In Indian Economy – A Comparative Study – Dr. Ashish Kumar

  1. Status and Role of Scheduled Caste Women in Indian Society – Mrs. Seema Rani

  1. Constitutional and Legal Safeguards to Etderty People in India: An Appraisal – Dr. Alok Chantia

  1. Knowledge Management, Ibchnical Seryices And User, Seryices Improvement In Academic Libraries: A Case Study Of C C S U Campus Meerut – Ashoni Kumar , Mithlesh

  1. Wisdom in Behaviour and Relationships : Man Protagonists in the Novels of RIC Narayan – Roopa Shankar

  1. Valryavritti of Sankaracharya – A General Analysis – Dr.  Aoarna Nansiar

  1. Gandhiji’s Concepts On Khadi And Rural Development – R Venkata Subbarao, S.Soma Sekhar

  2. Social Welfare Policies of Indian Welfare State: A Reality Check – Dr. Shivali Agarwal

  3. Scheduled Caste Women in Organized Sector  – Roopa.S Jogalekar, Dr Wiiva- B Korishetti

  4. Impact Of Urbanization & Rural Development Programmes On The Status Of Rural Women : A Sociological Study Of A Mathura District –            Dr Satyveer Singh, Vivek Sukrishan

  5. Nature Of Risk Thking Tendency And Self Confidence Among Adolescents Of Uttarakhand –  Dr. Kanchan Jamir

  6. Gandhi’s Views on Religion – Lekh Raj

  7. Platots Controversial Views on Democracy – Dr Mohin Mohammad