RJPSSs 2014 Vol 40 No.1

  1. A Comparative Study on Academic Achievement and Psychosocial Variable among ‘Middle School’ Children who play Computer Games Regularly and Occasionally – Dr. M. Vasimalairaja

  2. Tourism Development and Its Impact on The Indian Economy – Dr. Kamashetty S.B., Gadad C. Anupama

  3. Eco-Feminism : A Study on Indian Womens Towards The Enviroment – Boro Jyoti Prasad, Robidas Mina

  4. Gender Gaps in Access to Education : With Special Reference to Rural Girls of Punjab – Dr.Bala Rajni

  5. Working of Gram Sabhas in Karnataka: An Empirical Evaluation – Kumar Harish

  6. Performance of Regional Rural Banking in Haryana – Lavneet

  7. Globalisation and Social Justice – Dr. Y. Laxmidevi, Mrs. Biradar Shilpa

  8. Environmental Movements by Women – Dr. Badiger Suresh, B. Kattimani

  9. Students Consciousness on Environment-A Study – Arunrj, Dr. K.C. Bindhu

  10. Tourism Development and its Impact on the Indian Economy – Dr. Kamashetty S.B., Gadad C. Anupama

  11. Encroachment Management and Development – Dr Amrita Singh

  12. Psychology of Bhavioral Models and Personality Theory – Dr. P.K. Das

  13. Prevelance of Diabetes Mellitys Among the Elderly: AN EMPIRICAL STUDY IN CUTTACK,ODISHA Dr. Mohapatra Tanuja

  14. Idea of An Ideal Commune cum Research Institute Based on Love (of Scienteists, Philosophers, Artists and Enterpreneurs) – Dr. P.K. Das

  15. Relation Between Comprehensive Anxirty and Academic Achivement in Science Among The Students of Morarji Desai Residentials Schools – Madhu , Geetha C.

  16. Promoting Sustainable Urban Evelopment and Sustainable evironmental Education: Emerging Current Challenges and Concerns to Urban Local Bodies – Dr. Shazli Hasan Khan

  17. Digital Pedagogy and its Arrivalin Teacher Edcuation – Dr. Badiger K. Prakash

  18. Gender Gaps in Access to Education: with Special Reference to Rural Girls of Punjab – Dr. Bala Rajni