RJPSSs 2017 Vol. 43 No. 2 Part 1 & 2


  1. An Approach to Crime Control – A Case of Delhi State –  Dr. Naresh Kumar 

  2. The Role of Saudi Women in Rationalizing Spending and Developing Saving Methods – Dr. Hassan Al-Omari

  3. Challenges And Opportunities For Inclusive Education in India – Dr. Babita Chaudhary

  4. Drug Abuse and Addiction: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention – Anu

  5. Living in the Shadows of Eve-Teasing: A Case Study with Special Reference to District- Una, Himachal Pradesh – Bhavana Sharma

  6. HRM Policies and Practices of The Study units and Job Satisfaction Levels Among Respondents – Dr. Pradeep Kumar 

  7. Book Review – Dr. Ved Kumari

  8. Need of Professional Attitude of Teachers Towards Teaching Profession – Dr. Keisham Shitaljit Singh, Naorem Norjit Meitei

  9. Concepts of Yoga Psychology in the Poetry of Philosopher Yogi  Vemana – Dr. Srikrishna Chandaka, Dr. Suneetha Kandi

  10. Effect of Emotional Intelligence And Achivement Motivation on Academic – Mr. Amit Kumar, Dr. Naxtra Pal 

  11. Livelihood Issues of Odisha Migrants: A Study in Surat City – Udit Digal

  12. A Study of Buying Behaviour of Consumers – Dr. Divya Kumar AgarwalAakash Mittal

  13. Indian Traditional Textile is The Combination of Science and Religion – Ms. Kanchan Saxena

  14. Playing and Watching Videogames – Impact on the Problem Solving and Pro Social Behaviour of Middle School Students – Dr. Smitha Baboo, Dr.Vasimalairaja

  15. Water Managment Challenges to Sustainability of Agriculture in Pondichery –  Dr. K. Gulam Dasthagir, Indhirapriyadharshini. M

  16. A Study on Physiological Factors Among Rural And Urban School Boys – Dr. Rajkumar G. Malkappagol, Dr. M.S. Pasodi 

  17. A Study of Problems by Urdu Medium High School Studentss of Vijaypur City in Relation to Writing of English – Safiya Mulla

  18. Autonomy of Will : A Kantian Approch – Hasen Ali Ahmed

  19. Philosophy of Education and Its Importance to Society – Dr. Janaiah Chimata 

  20. Study Habit of Secondary School Muslims Students of Vijayapura City – Kumari Zamrood Pasha Kazi, Dr. Venkoba Narayanappa 

  21. A Study on Domestic Violence And Its Impact on Women – Savitha Y.D, Dr.S.A.Kazi
  22. Impact of Various factors on Emotional Maturity of Adolescents of Coed-School of Meerut –  Priyanka Malik

  23. Breastfeeding Practices at Delivery Points in India: A Case Study of Two Government Hospitals of Kanpur City in Uttar Pradesh – Anil Kumar

  24. Learning And Thinking Style Among Male And Female Adolescens on The basis of Brain Hemisphericity – Kanu Priya

  25. Panchayati Raj And Women in India : A Sociological Analysis – Dr. Meghna Arora

  26. Role of Media to Enhance Social Development (In special reference to Indian Rural Society) – Captain Dr. Anjula Rajvanshi 

  27. Legal Equality And Physically Challenged Women – Hetal Ramani 

  28. Impact of Bodhisattva Philosophy on Indian Society – Dr. Mastan Malothu

  29. Impact of A Natural Resource Disaster – Forest Fires in Uttrakhand – Dr. Alka Suri

  30. An Historical Enquiry on Jain Traditions in Kanyakumari with Special Reference to Chidharal Malai Kovil – Dr. Praveen O. K.

  31. A Study of Job-Satisfaction, Self-Concept and Emotional Intelligence in relation to Academic Involvement of Male Primary School Teachers –
    Dr. Sajjan. Sujata. Dundappa

  32. Contextualising Multiculturalism in The Ideology of Sufism – Suraiya Nazeer

  33. Peace Education for Development  – Dr. Subhash Singh

  34. To Study The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction And Attitude Towards Teaching Profession of Primary School Teachers of Bidar District – Md. Zakir Hussain

  35. Right to Information Act- Catalyst for Good Governance in India  – Mrs. Geeta Kahol 

  36. Awareness of HIV/AIDS and STD amongst Rural Adolescents in Bhaghpat District of Uttar Pradesh  – Dr. Satyveer Singh

  37. Globalization and Growth: Electronic Higher Education in India – Dr. Atik-Ur-Rahaman. S.M.

  38. Congratulatory Story Leeds to Behind Bars: A Case History – Dr. A. S. Grewal

  39. Imagine without Girl ! – Dr. Laxmidevi Y.

  40. The Study Guidance Needs of Higher Secondary Students in VIjayapura DistrictDr. B. L. Lakkannavar

  41. Identification And Diagnosis of Adhd Symptoms Among Primary School Children in Andhra Pradesh – Katta Melkiyore , Dr. N. Deepa Mohan

  42. Role Stress of Working and Non Working Women Working Women in Recreational, Social and Work Life –  Dr. Jayashree S. Reddy