VOYAGER Vol VIII 2017 No.2


  1. Effect of Different Nitrite Concentrations on Haemoglobin Percentage of Heteropneustes fossilis – Renu Verma & Kapil Kumar

  2. Pathological study of Primary Lymphoid Organ (Bursa of Fabricius) in W. L. H. Chicks along with Experimental Ascaridiasis – Divya Singh

  3. Changing Face of Earth – Manjula Uppal

  4. Biodiversity of Earthworms in Trans-Gangetic Plains of District Yamuna Nagar – Neetu Garg & J M Julka

  5. Impact of Nutritional Supplements on Health of Pregnant Women and New Born – Rubina & Rafath Yasmeen

  6. Contribution of Rural Women in Conservation of Agro Biodiversity in HP – Monika Panchani

  7. Role of Abiotic Factors in the Distribution and Abundance of Gall Aphids on Alstonia scholaris in Jammu Region – Anjali Dhar

  8. Seasonal Variations of hard parts of Hamatopeduncularia thalassini Bychowsky and Nagibina, 1969 (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae, Ancyrocephalinae) on the gills of Mystus seenghala in river Ganges near Chandpur (U. P.) – Pragati Rastogi & Jyoti Singh

  9. Haematological Modulation in W. L. H. Chicks during Passive Immunization – Divya Singh

  10. Worst Offender Additives in Food Items and Their Hazards – Rakhi Dwivedi

  11. A Review on the Impact of Heavy Metals on different Organs of Fishes – Alka Vyas

  12. Mineral Analysis Of Tamilnadia uliginosa Retz.Tirveng& Sastre (Rubiaceae)  – Deepthymol M. J. & Praveen Dhar T.

  13. Mangroves: Afforestation and Sanctuaries – Amita Saxena & Seema Jain

  14. Identification and Utilization of Pharmaceutically Novel Chemicals from Plants for the Treatment of Cancer – A critical Appraisal – Stephen, A., V. Ragupathi & S. Kumaresan