RJPSS 2018 Vol. 43 No.1


  1. Gender Inequality in Energy Access: Role of Gender Stereotypes in Energy Poverty Resulting in Deterioration of Women’s Health – Dr. Alka Suri

  2. Capitalist Transformation, Ecological Degradation & Women’s Health: A Case Study of Kumaun (Uttarakhand) – Dr. G. C. Pandey

  3. Training Life Skills to Students in the English Classroom – Dr. A Arokia Mary

  4. From Field to Location: Aspects of Non-Reflexivity in Problematizing the ‘Field’ in Anthropology – Dr. Dinesan Vadakkiniyil

  5. Changing Scenario of Accounting Education – Dr. Krishna K.Verma

  6. Husserl’s Method of Philosophical Inquiry: A Critical Analysis – Bharat Malakar

  7. Role of Civil Society in Administration: A Normative Study – Dr. Badal Sarkar

  8. The Socio-Economic Profile of Madiga Women: with reference to Vijayapur City – Dr. Laxmi Devi Y.

  9. Social Problems of Indian Diaspora Living in Abroad – Dr. Kamini B. Dashora

  10.  Women, Space and Capability Development: The Role of Elected Women Representatives – Dr. Aparna Joshi

  11. Philosophical Theories of Art: A Survey from Plato to Schopenhauer – Dr. P. K. Rejimon

  12. The Myth of Being Virtual: On the Question of Identity in Cyber Space – Dr. Rajeevan E.

  13. Status of Muslim Child Labour in a Town of Western U.P. – Dr. Zakiya Rafat

  14. Indian Insurance Industry and Digitalization – Dr. Alka Suri, Pankhuri Sinha

  15. Anemia amongst Women in India: An Analysis – Dr. Susmitha B.

  16. TQM Approach for Management Education through Open and Distance Learning Mode – Dr. Devesh Ranjan Tripathi

  17. Role of Communication in Business – Kirti Kapil

  18. Loneliness: Causes and Interventions in Adolescence – Dr. Priyanka

  19. A Comparative Study on Child Rearing Practices Among the working Mothers – Sarika, Dr. Kalpana Sharma

  20. School Culture and Inclusive Education: A Review of the Literature – Kumkum Teotia

  21. A Study on Marketing of Banana in Kanyakumari District – Preetha Kumari, Dr. S. Jeni Sanjana

  22. Health Care Practices Among Out-Migrated Lambani’s: An Ethnographic Study – Shiddappa Madar,  Mohan A. K.

  23. To Study The Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Attitude towards Teaching Profession of Primary School Teachers – Md. Zakir Hussain, Dr. B. L. Lakkannavar

  24. A Review on Concept of Atma with Speical Reference to Charak Samhita – Divya Sagar,  Sudama Singh Yadav

  25. A Study on Employee Morale with Special Reference to BKG Mines-Sandur – Ms. Rohini, Dr. Pavitra R Alur

  26. Hume’s Skepticism in A Treatise of Human Nature – Ghazala Rizvi

  27. Politicization of Indian Youth – Dr. Shivali Agarwal

  28. Philosophical Methodology – Dr. Nandini Mishra

  29. Status of SC ST Agriculturists in India with Special Reference to Karnataka State- Dr. Shivalingappa B P, Mr. Rajashekar C & Ms. Sujatha M

  30. Entrepreneurship is way for Women Empowerment (Special Reference to Chikamagalur District).- Dr. B P Shivalingappa, Abdul Wahab & Dr. Lokesha M.U

  31. Gandhian Views on Education & Its Relevance – Mrs. Shweta Rai

  32. Inspection of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar towards Sustainable Education in Developing Society – Dr. Gouri Manik Manasa

  33. Women and Swami Vivekananda‘s Philosophy – Ashima Sahni

  34. Effect of Yoga on Stress Management – Dr. Kavitha Sangana Gouda M