Notions Vol. VII No. 3 2016


  1. The Darkness of Man’s Heart – Mrs. Kirandeep Kaur

  2. Fall of Gran Narratives, Duality and the Conflict in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman: A Postmodernist Study- Kalaivani. M, Dr. K. Rajaraman

  3. An Array of Impressive Limned Portraits – Jasmeet Kaur

  4. Virtue and Violence: An Ecofeministic view on Ashok K.Banker’s Ramayana series – Monissha, Dr. S P. Shanthi

  5. Email Spam to “ee spammings”: Martin Kryzwinski’s Spam Recycled Poetry – Ashley Treesa Antony

  6. An Aspect of Psychological Study of Urmi in The Binding Vine – Mrs. J. Priya, Dr. N. Vijayasamundeeswari

  7. Gender Discrimination: A Study on the Mahabharata – D. Naomizara

  8. The Influence of Structural Approach in the Syllabus of English for Gujarati Medium Learners at Higher Secondary Level – Keyur H. Vohra

  9. Faulkner’s Light in August: A View of Tragedy – Dr. R. Purushothaman

  10. Giving Voice for the Female Subaltern: Local/ Global Articulation through Autobiography in Baby Kamble’s “The Prisons We Broke”  – Ms. Arti Samant

  11. Duality of Man as a Theme in SOMERSET MAUGHAM’S THE RAZOR’S EDGE – S. Karanan

  12. Queen of Mystery: Cybernated – Nibedita Paul

  13. Suffering and Salvation in Bernard Malamud’s The Assistant and Dubin’s Lives – Suganthi P, Dr. K. Rajaraman

  14. Re-examining ‘Female-Friendships’ in Indian English Fiction – Dr. Anita Rani Rathore

  15. Theme of Racial Identity in JUMPA LAHRIE’S THE NAMESAKE – M. Thirunavukkarasu, Dr. D. Shanmugam

  16. Theme of Deception: Appearance and Reality in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Sangeetha D. R, Dr. N. Vijayasamundeeswari

  17.  From Suppression to Expression: A Comparative Study of Alice Walker and Bama Dr. S. Karthik Kumar

  18. Nissim Ezekiel : The Modern Psalmist with an Approach of a Neo-HumanistShahzad Ahmad

  19. Rossetti as a Pre – Raphaelitepoets Sharad Kumar Sharma

  20. Canadian Multiculturalism and Racialised Physche:A Critique of Dionne Brand’s “Sans Suci and Other Stories” – Afsal P C, Dr. S. Karthik Kumar

  21. The Effect of Literature and Relationships on Self-identification by Women AuthorsDr. Charu Sharma

  22. Semiotics: The Hidden Language of Signs Praveen K. R. , Gayathri Naranan

  23. Charlotte Bronte’s: Jane Eyre as BildungsromanSwati Thakur, Dr. Santosh Thakur

  24. George Bernard Shaw as Social Reformer: A Quick Look Through Pygmalion – Dr Anuradha