RJPSS 2015 Vol. 40 No.2

  1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Inter Caste and Inter Religious Marriage – Sameena Sindagikar, Prof Nusrath Fatima

  2. Cultural Relativism And Human Rights- Bhupesh Ch. Sahoo

  3. A Study of Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement among Higher Secondary Students in Erode District – Ms M Arunasalam, Dr. N  Balasubramanian

  4. A simple approach towards improving teaching learning skills of teachers and would be teachers- Jaspreet Kaur

  5. ‘Maldhari’ and the Gir Protected Area – A mutual interaction – Dr. Rajeshwarsinh N Chudasama

  6. Problem Solving Ability of Higher Secondary School Teachers – Ms T VImalam Dr. V Thamodharan

  7. Problems of Education Among Scheduled Castes in Rural Area: A Sociological Analysis – Dr. Sonu Puri

  8. Impact Of poverty On The Parent Child Relationship (A Study of Poor Family Members of Kumaun)-  Dr. Neelam, Dr. Indira Khampa

  9. Assessing the Psychological Funtions of Student Teachers in Relation to Their Teaching Aptitude – Dr. Venkoba Narayanappa

  10. Good Governance and Corruption: A Review – P.Venkata Subbarao, Dr. K. Anil Kumar

  11. Cultural Responsibility of Teachers – Devika Phukan, Dr. J. P. Saikia

  12. Anti – Conversion and Re – Conversion: A Threat to Dalit Community –  Dr. Vinay Kumar Mishra

  13. Women and Polity – Old And New – Dr. (Mrs.) Rashmi Rana

  14. Young Women and Reproduction of New Identities through Television Programmes.- Deepthi Vijayan

  15. Role of Intention (Cetaana) in Buddhist Ethical Doctrine of Kamma – Dr. Ch Venkoba Sivasai

  16. Socio – Cultural Dilemma in Untouchable by Mulk Raj Anand – Dr. Santosh Thakur

  17. The Concept of Man in the Philosophy of  CĀRVĀKA – Dr.Sudhakar Jally 

  18. Education and Women’s Empowerment – Dr. (Mrs.) Rashmi Rana

  19. A Study of Teaching Competence of Teacher Trainees- Manoj Kumar

  20. Modern Concept of Education – A Solution for Human Resource Develpopment – Dr. Ashish Kumar  

  21. Wittgenstein On Philosophical Investigations – Dr. Bijaya Krushna Nayak

  22. The Archaic Greeks : A Precursor of Philosophy And Science – Mohin Mohammad, Madhulita Sahoo

  23. Veerashaiva Religion and Philosophy in the Shaivagamas – Dr. Annapurna F. Hattimattur