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Applied Kinesiology Anatomy and Physiology


Author: Dr. M S Pasodi

ISBN: 978-93-87922-16-1

Year 2018


Pages – 158

Weight – 300gm

Size – 15cm x 22cm x 2cm

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Product Description

Physical Education is a science as well as a art subject. Kinesiology, Anatomy and Physiology, are the few major subjects studied under the broad heading of physical education. These scientific subjects are the applied part of physical
education course. Studying physical education without these subjects is like,
eating any food, without knowing its contents and procedure of preparation.
The knowledge of these subjects is very essential for scholars, researchers, academicians, sports persons, sports psychologists, sports medicine experts, etc. for gaining in depth information, and hence, enhances their knowledge, skills and efficiency.
These three subjects are interrelated and interdependent. This book is a good package of those three subjects. This can be a good resource for students and teachers at various levels, viz., from secondary to graduation and for professional courses in physical education, viz. D.P.ED., B.P.ED., M.P.ED., various yoga courses etc.
The purpose of this book is to provide basic concepts in Kinesiology, Anatomy and Physiology and their application in physical education. The concepts are explained in very simple and systematic way. Further, the uniqueness in this
book is, concepts are explained with relevant figures, which are manually drawn. This helps readers to learn and teach the content by self drawing of the figures. Further, under the kinesiology subject, proper and improper postures, correction of improper postures is provided, it is not only useful for academic purpose, but, for common people also apply in regular lifestyle.
Under the part I, i.e. kinesiology subject, seven units are explained under the heading of; introduction, human articulation, muscles, application of kinesiology on basic sports performance and postures motor skills, and daily living. Lastly, content list is provided for kinesiology record book. Part II of
this book, Anatomy and physiology deals with all internal systems of human body and their function, is explained in ten.