Evaluation in Physical Education


Author: Dr. M S Pasodi

ISBN: 978-93-87922-05-1

Year 2018


Pages – 110

Weight – 300gm

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Product Description

Measurement and evaluation are the two interrelated processes. Measurement has narrower application, but, evaluation has a broader scope and application.
Evaluation is a fundamental process in all the inputs, process, methods, equipments, facilities, programs, and outputs of academics. It is essential for students, teachers, administrators, personnel of related fields, especially, in
Physical Education, these processes are used in almost all processes and stages. Hence, it is essential for all the personnel of physical education to have information and knowledge about these processes.
This book includes eight units. History of testing and evaluation in physical education, types of various tests, construction and procedures for standardisation of tests, basis for preparing various norms and standards, are discussed in very simple and meaningful language, so as to help the students from D.P.Ed. to Ph.D.
Further, various norms and standard procedures provided by national and international level organisations and experts are provided here. Similarly, Components of Physical fitness are discussed and provided with the suitable explanation for each components and their related testing method. Each test with related instructions, procedure, scoring method, interpretation is given. This information is very much essential for trainers, coaches, players and research scholars in physical education.
Tests, measurements, and evaluation, these concepts are always considered as difficult one and as a science or statistics related subject, but, studying this book, may provide enough knowledge and enhance confidence among the students of Physical Education. Very few resourceful texts are available
related to this subject are available. In this context, this book may highly beneficial to students, academicians and sports practitioners. The information provided in this book is the fruits of author’s more than 30 years experience in the field of physical education.