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Girish Karnad (1938-), the doyen is amongst the holy trinity of writers of contemporary Indian drama, the other two being Vijay Tendulkar and Badal Sircar.
Whilst Tendulkar and Sircar deal with the problems of bourgeoisie class of India, Karnad sinks in deep and encapsulates, myths and legends of India; using them as vehicles of a new vision. These myths limpidly provides plethora of hues to our cultural heritage. Up till now, there have been a conspicuous silence on these myths. But these can deliberately not only provide incense of our rich-inherent culture but also depicts all elemental passions, inner conflicts within man, who is born to err: These myths can not only to spill the beans about our mundane problems but also can provide solutions to our problems, as ‘history repeats itself’.
Amongst his Magnum opus, his oeuvres include Yayati (1961), Tuglaq (1964), Hayavadana (1971), Anugumaling (1977), Hittine Hunja (1980), Naga-Mandala (1988), Tale Danda (1990) and Agni Mattu Male (1995).
Karnad’s myths mainly derive from the great epic, The Mahabharata and The Kathasaritsagara. His plays allegedly questions the patriarchal ideology of Indian society. His female characters are inextricably dovetailed with cultural implications of gender, yet they emerge as forceful entities.
After elucidating Karnad’s life, early influences and giving a broad view of his works and awards bestowed upon him, the book provides definition of fabric of myths and discusses different theories thereof.
Gender theories throw light on etymology and usage of term “gender”, gender is used as a research tool, radical feminism, pro-feminism, cultural feminism, liberal feminism, existential feminism etc.
Three exclusive chapters have been devoted to analysing “Yayati”, “Hayavadana”, “Naga-mandala” and “The Fire and the Rain”.
The plan of presentation is scientific i.e. to delve into the heart of matter; using our mythical history to envision our future.
The book will be fruitful to all the erudite scholars and teachers of Indian English drama and will certainly churn our minds to cherish our rich cultural heritage.
Dr. Manisha Khasa


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