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Indian Resistance to Early Muslim Invaders upto 1206 AD


Author: Dr.Ram Gopal Misra

ISBN: 978-81-936088-8-3

Fourth Edition 2018


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The present work is an attempt to provide a connected account of the prolonged and sustained efforts made by the Indians to stem the tide of early Muslim invaders. The political and military resistance was spread over more than five and a half centuries till its final collapse in northern India in last decade of the 12th century A.D. For long, the historians of India have emphasized merely the ultimate collapse of the Indians, ignoring completely the earlier resistance offered by them. It is a fact of history that such sustained resistance as encountered by the Muslim arms in India was not faced by them in any other land conquered by them. If the present work helps to correct the imbalance even in a small measure, I shall feel my labour is sufficiently rewarded.
The Indian resistance had another facet, which was the outcome of the resolute determination of the Indians to preserve their religious and cultural identity. While country, after country from the straits of Gibralter to the banks of the Indus, witnessed the rapid Islamization of their individual cultures, even northern India managed to survive as a predominantly ‘heathen’ land even after five centuries of Muslim rule. Mine is a humble attempt to explain this seeming paradox of the indestructibility of India’s cultural vitality and the social or moral degeneration of the Indian society on the eve of Muslim invasion. The historians have merely emphasized the latter part of this seeming paradox.