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Job Motivation: Role of Personality in Organisations


Authors – Dr. Amreen  Fatima & Dr. Archana Shukla

ISBN – 978-93-87922-41-9

Year 2018


Pages – 152

Weight – 300gm

Size – 15cm x 22cm x 3cm

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Product Description

In the modern organizational scenario, every individual is facing a lot of problems while performing at work due to competition, work pressure and the changing nature of the market.  It becomes difficult for people to be motivated in their jobs. People who are successful in the workplace are usually those who are self-driven and determined. These people are motivated to do a job. Even  with solid strategies in place, an organization is effective only if its employees are motivated to perform at high levels.  It is up to the managers to instill motivation within the employees. It’s possible only when the managers themselves are motivated. When employees follow an efficient and effective direction, contribute high levels of effort and are persistent, then high job motivation occurs.”