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New Vision of Shakespeare

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Approaches to Stress Management in Modern Era

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Author – Dr S.T. Tamil Selvi

ISBN – 978-93-87922-36-5

Year – 2018

Pages – 194

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Nature has no verbal language but has just body language. Literature has verbal language. Nature has no voice only sounds, music, waves, and some sorts of movements whereas literature has voice and so it reforms the society. Literature ‘tells’ and imparts knowledge whereas nature ‘shows’ and enlightens living beings. Literature mainly deals with the mind but nature deals with the heart. Literature is made by the writers, thinkers, orators, researchers, philosophers and reformers whereas nature is born by itself.                Nature pleases not only human beings but all living beings where as literature is meant for only human beings. Although there are differences, nature and literature live together. Nature as well as literature creates creators and inventors. For example, the falling of an apple made Sir Issac Newton invent the law of gravitation.
Lightning and thunder gave a new idea for Thomas Alva Edision to find out electricity and bulb. The birds were the role model for man to invent aeroplane and the fish in the sea made man think of boat and ship.
The Lord Buddha attained ‘Wisdom’ under the Bodhi tree and Rama spent 14 years in the forest. Sita was seated under the Asoka tree which protected her from all sorts of evil power in Sri Lanka. All saints and Rishis find shelter in the forest. At the same time literature could bring changes in the society.
Dicken’s novels brought social reforms in Britian. Kavimani Desiga Vinayagam Pillai‘s narrative poem – Marumakkal Vazhi Maanmeeyam made the government of Tamil Nadu to abolish the practice of polygamy. In this way, both nature and literature help men and bring about civilization in their lives.
Shakespeare says in The winter’s Tale “ good goddess nature” William Wordsworth says, “let nature be your teacher.” Nature as well as Literature are harsh at certain times.