RJPSS 2016 Vol. 41 No.1

  1. Plato on FreedomMohin Mohammad

  2. Contribution of Gandhian Educational Philosophy To Indian Economy-Dr. Ashish Kumar

  3. A View on Women Employment in India – Dr. Girsh

  4. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan- A Focus on Total Sanitation- Chanchal Chauhan

  5. A Study on Psycho-Social Problems of Institutionalized Elders – Ms. Kavitha S, Dr. Kumudini Achchi

  6. Issues and Challennges for Skill Development Schemes of Goi- A Case Study of CDTP Scheme at GPW Chandigarh – Dr. S.P. Chauhan, Vin Dosajh

  7. A Study of Academic Involvement of Primary School Teachers of Bijapur District in Relation to Some Moderate Variables – Sajjan Sujata Dundappa, V.V. Malagi

  8. Environmental Crisis: An Explanation from Buddhist Standpoint – Abhinav Anand

  9. A Study of The Role of Teachers in Education of Vijayapura District – Dr. R.V. Gangshetty, Reshma S Gajakosh

  10. The Impact Yogic and Physical Exercises Training on Emotional Intelligence Among Secondary School Students – Sangeeta. S. Patil, Dr Rajkumar. P. Malipatil

  11. Solutions for Reducing Male Student’s Anxiety at Physical Education Classes of Gulbarga University Kalaburagi – Majeed

  12. Active Listening :An Art of Effective Communication for Quality Teaching and Learning’ Dr. Mani Joshi

  13. Issues Coaching Maintain of Quality in Indian Higher Education System- Dr. Satish Kumar Singh

  14. Assisting The Assertiveness of Secondry School Students in Relation to Their Academic Achievement – Dr. Venkoba Narayanappa

  15. Role of RTI of Good Governance : An Study of RTI Act 2005 – Dr. Dhanpal Singh, Virendra Kumar

  16. Understanding Cultural Resistance Through Vikram Seth’s ‘TWO LIVES’ – Dr. Mrs. P. V. Anila