VOYAGER Vol. VI 2015


  1. Enhancement Of Silk Production Through Water Conservation In Chikodi Area – Y.H. Yalavigi

  2. Biodiversity Conservation and Role of Environmental Education in Schools and Colleges – Monika Panchani

  3. A New Species of Rhamnocercus Monaco et. al., 1954 (Diplectanidae: Monogenea) From Gills of Freshwater Fish Mystus tengara (Ham.) At Meerut – Pragati Rastogi 

  4. Impact of Endosulfan on Certain Hematological Parameters of Channa punctatus – Aditya Chauhan, Jyoti Saini, D. K. Chauhan 

  5. Study of amount of Oxygen (BOD, OD, COD) in water and Their Effect on Fishes (Devprayag to Haridwar) – Sujata Gupta

  6. Study of Cancer In Ovary of Periplaneta Americana (LINN). – Vinay Panwar

  7. Community Analysis Of Parasitic Nemic Fauna Around The Root Zone Of Mango Plant (Mangifera indica) In Hapur Region – Shashi Bala, Dr. Alka Vyas 

  8. A Brief Note On The Biology Of Furcocercous Cercariae – Neelam Panwar 

  9. Cytogenetical Comparison of Mustard Aphids, Lipaphis erysimi (Kaltenbach)Collected From Different Host Plants of Family Cruciferae – Neetu Chowdhary, S.P. Kurl 

  10. A New Species of Bychowskyella From Gills Of Wallago Attu At Ghaziabad – Pragati Rastogi, Kavita Rani

  11. Morphological Study of Dominant plant Parasitic Nematodes Associated with Sugarcane in Meerut.- Resha, Savita Rani 

  12. Population Dynamics of Some Nematode Parasites of Periplaneta americana of Meerut Region- Sangeeta Pal, Hirdaya Shanker Singh 

  13. New Species of The Genus Oogyrodactylus Harris, 1983 From Aquarium Fishes Of Meerut, India. – Rakhi Gupta, H.S.Singh 

  14. Toxicity of Cypermethrin and ß-Cyfluthrin on Certain Haematological Parameters of Albino Rat – Vibha Tomar 

  15. Characterization of GDPMannose: Man2 GlcNAc2-PP-Dolichol Mannosyltransferase from Bovine Mammary Gland – Seema Sharma 

  16. A Review on Impact of Birth Control Pills in Muncipal Wastewater On   Male Fish Population – Nisha Rana, Manu Verma, Seema Jain

  17. Analysis of Essential Amino Acid Contents in Forager Bees of Apis Mellifera L. Fed On Artificial Diets – Sushil Kumar, Himshikha Yadav

  18. Carcinogenic   Effects   Of   Common Chemicals   On Health – Monika Panchani

  19. Water Quality Monitoring Using Aquatic Benthic Macro Invertebrates – Anupma Trivedi

  20. Parasitic Infestation of Diplostomulum Cerebralis (Digenean Trematode) in Channa punctatus From Meerut District – Abhishek Gupta, Bindu Sharma

  21. Aquatic Resources, Biodiversity And Over-Exploitation With Special Reference To Human Impacts on Biodiversity of Aquatic Ecosystem – Amita Saxena, Rajinder Kaur

  22. Prevalence of Fresh Water Snail ( Intermediate Host) Infected with different Rematodes Cercariae in and around Meerut District – Dr. Bindu Sharma

  23. Reservoirs Of India – Amita Saxena, Rajinder Kaur

  24. Seasonal changes in The Haptoral Organs and Copulatory Organ of Hamatopeduncularia wallagonius Singh et. al. 1995 on The Gills of Mystus seenghala (sykes) and Wallago attu (Bleeker and Schn.) from Bhola ki Jhal Reservoir, U. P. India. – Pragati Rastogi, Jyoti Singh

  25. On a New Species of Genus Protrellatus Farooqui, 1970 from Insect Host Gryllus domesticus at Meerut – Anshu