RJPSSs 2017 Vol. 43 No. 1 Part 1 & 2


  1. Inclusive Approach of Youths in Prevention of Sex Trafficking – An Analytical View DR. KUMUDINI ACHCHI

  2. Inheritance Laws and Land Rights: Case Studies of Scheduled Caste Women in R.S Pura Block, Jammu District – RUCHI

  3. Importance of Adult Literacy Libraries for Promoting the Literacy Programme – DR. SHARMILA THINGBAIJAM

  4. Violation of Women‘s Rights in India Problems and Remedies – ANITA PARMAR THAKUR

  5. Jeevan Bindi: Issues and Challenges – DR. NITIN HOSMELKAR, VIJAYA U. PATIL

  6. Development Impact of Sex and Transcendental Meditation Strategies on Mental HealthDR. NAVEEN Ch. BHATT, BHAGWAN CHANDRA BHATT

  7. Communication As A Skill For Effective Classroom Teaching (An Introspection)DR.  MANI JOSHI

  8. Empowerment of Rural Women through Participation in Village Health Programme in District Barabanki SHALINI SINGH

  9. The Changing Notion of Rights: A Critical Analysis – DR. ABHISHEK KUMAR

  10. Single Women in Society: Perceptions, Problems, and Challenges – SHASHI SAINI

  11. Victimhood of Women Under Patriarchy: Some Reflections From Bollywood Movie ‘Pink’ DR. SHEETAL J. TAMAKUWALA

  12. Evaluation of Women’s Employment and Unemployment situation in Organized Sector through the data of Employment Exchanges: An Econometric AnalysisJAYSHREE CHUGH, DR. KIRTI ZANKHARIA

  13. Knowledge of Anganwadi Workers regarding Childhood Immunization – ANCHAL SHARMA

  14. Role of Indian Women in AgricultureTRIVENI DUTT

  15. Civil Society and Violence Against Women in India – DR. SHIVALI AGARWAL

  16.  Policies and Programmes for Elderly in India – An OverviewMS. KAVITHA S., DR. KUKUDINI ACHCHI

  17. Treatment of the World War II in Manohar Malgonkar’s A Bend in the Ganges – PROF. VIKAS SHARMA

  18. Secularism in IndiaDR. NIVEDITA KUMARI

  19. New Innovation in Textiles: Corn Fibre – ADITI DHAMA

  20. Individual Growth And Society – DR. SUNITA TIWARI

  21. Measurement of job satisfaction between inter college and degree college teachers – SARIKA, DR. KALPNA SHARMA

  22. The Woman Characters in the Select Fiction of Alice Walker – Ms.VASUMATHI TAMILSELVAN, DR. S. KARTHIK KUMAR

  23. Revisiting Classical Physics World View: Descartes and Newton – CHETNA GUPTA

  24. Natural Hazards and Disaster Management in India – DR. TRIVENI DUTT

  25. Civilization And Culture  – DR. SUNITA TEWARI

  1. Dalit Selfhood: Deciphering the Social Discourse in Dalit AutobiographiesSAVITA

  2. Sustainable Development And Corporate Social Responsibility:  A Conceptual FrameworkDR. RAJEEV KUMAR

  3. Trends & Structure of External Debt In IndiaDR.V.K. GAUTAM

  4. Value Oriented Education: Role of Teacher Education in Promoting Value Education – DR. RACHNA PATHAK

  5. Inception of Idea of Model Schools in Raajkiya Prathmik Vidyalaya of Uttarakhand – ARCHANA NEGI

  6. The Imperial Costumes of Mughal Era – Dr. K.D. SHARMA, SWATI SHARMA

  7. Dalit Literature: Future Prospects – MANJU RANI

  8. Status of Indian Women – DR. NIVEDITA MALIK

  9. Organizational Support And Commitment as Correlates of Job Satisfaction – VARUN SHARMA, DR. R P JOYAL

  10. The Importance of Folk And Tribal Art in Out SocietyDR. ANJU CHAUDHARY

  11. From Identity Politics To Interest Politics: New Agenda For People In 21st Century – DR. SATISH KUMAR

  12. Poverty in India: Still a Large Issue – DR. MANJU MAGAN 

  13. Globalization and its Impact on Indian Society – DR. RANU SHARMA

  14. Development of Small Scale Industries in India: A Case Study of Haryana – DR. MANJU MAGAN

  15. A Comparative Study of Teaching Competency of Pupil Teachers of B.T.C. Self – Financed and Government Teacher Education – DR OM PAL SINGH

  16. A Study on Endurance Ability among Handball and Basketball Players of Sindanoor Taluk – MAJEED