JGV 2017 Vol. VIII No.2


  1. Origin of Delhi Police – A Geographical Study – Dr. Naresh Kumar

  2. An Archaeological Study of Medieval Tomb Building: Daulat Khan at Badaun – Ashok Kumar

  3. Study of Personal and Background Factors of the Respondents of Study Units – Dr. Pradeep Kumar

  4. Role of Service Sector in India – Sachin Singh, Sulakshna

  5. India’s Role in SAARC of The Dr. Manmohan Singh Government – Dr. Badal Sarkar

  6. Bureaucracy And Good Governance; Indian Perspective – Dr. V. Pardha Saradhi

  7. SWOT Analysis and Its Uses: With Special Reference to Marketing Management – Dr. Anupreeta

  8. Effect of Emotional Maturity on Marital Adjustment of Women – Dr. Alpana Sharma

  9. Maternal Health: Analysis of Millennium Development Goal in India – Pratima Yadav

  10. India ‘s Trade in Invisible During The Pre And Post- Globalization Period – Sajan S V

  11. Proto-Historic Culture of India Revisiting Ochre Coloured Pottery Culture – Dr. Nazim Husain Al Jafri

  12. A Study of Mental Health of B. Ed And M. Ed Students – Dr. V. S. Rathore, Ms Geet Chawla

  13. Work – Life Balance: A Systematic Literature Review – Dr. Manju Nair, Aditi Kaushik

  14. Nutrition Information in Fast Food Chains: Perspective to Consumer Awareness and Purchase Decision – Dr. Pawan Kumar Patodiya, Surbhi Mathur

  15. Corporate Social Responsibility and Development in India: A Review – Dr. B. Ramalingam

  16. Cultural Industry and Visual Media: in The Milieu of Popular Culture – Praveen. K. R., Gayathri Narayanan

  17. Views of Chaudhary Charan Singh Over Indian Economy – Dr. Lalita

  18. Appraisal of Problems and Anticipations of Apple Production and Marketing in Jammu and Kashmir – M. Jagathish, Dr. M. Wilson

  19. Mystery of A Bolted Room. A Case History – Dr. A. S. Grewal

  20. Women And Mental Health – Dr. Vinai Kumar Mishra

  21. Organizational Health of Public and Private Sector Academic Institutions: A Comparative Analysis – Arunima Mishra

  22. Empowering Youth Through Skill Development in India – Role of NSDC and NSDA – Dr. S. P. Chauhan, Mrs. Alamjit Batta

  23. Role of Media in Socio-Economic Transformation of India – Dr. Sudhir Kumar

  24. Prevalence of Mental HealthLliteracy Among Youth – A Major Public-Health Awareness Challenge – Dr. Alka Suri 

  25. Language And in Medical Kerala: A Study of Oral Tradition of Kadathanad – Dr. Praveen OK & Vincy.C.K

  26. The Great Economic Depression: An Event for Structural Restructuration of The Theoretical Frame Work of Economic is – A Historical Analysis – Sunil Lal G., Dr. P. S. Pratheep

  27. Tranforming India Through Skill Development A Critical Study of CDTP Scheme at GPW, Sector-10, Chandigarh – Dr. S. P. Chauhan, Ms. Vanita Chauhan

  28. Role of K. C. C. in Development of Agrarian Economy: A Study of Sardhana Block – Dr. Divya Kumar Agarwal, Aakash Mittal

  29. Women Role in Agrarian Economy: A Study of Baghpat District – Praveen Kumar Chauhan, Ishwari Prasad Barwai

  30. Jerking Caused Firing in a Moving Vehicle:- A Case History – Dr. A.S. Grewal

  31. Electronic Waste Management & Policy Issues – Abhishek Parashar

  32. Indian Indentured Labour Regime – Dr. Amit Kumar Mishra

  33. Socio-Economic Problems of Widow Women in Atalatti (Vijayapura) – Dr. Laxmidevi Y.