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A Study of Bharti’s The Tiger’s Daughter


This book is a close study of the text of novels ‘The Tiger’s Daughter’ the very first novel of Bharati Mukherjee, with a view to describe its theme in the wider sense of consciousness of not even Indian but South Asian Diaspora, which binds together the various complexities of the postcolonial theory. The dimensions of novelistic complexities as a subject of critical attention are now far extended beyond a simple thematic study
of Diaspora, exile, isolation and alienation, to encompass all the meanings and features such as margin, construction of homeland, hyphenated identity, displacement and assimilation, and above all the complexity of a point of view of a woman writer of South Asian Diaspora in North America. Our century that is, the last two decades of the twentieth century and the starting of the twenty-first century witnessed the breaking of barriers between national/regional literature and the global/continental literature. It has provided the requisite framework and the rigorous tools to analyze the complex themes so that it has become possible to break new grounds in postcolonial studies of Diaspora

Author: Dr Sitender Kumar

ISBN: 978-93-82166-84-9

Year: 2017