Approaches to Stress Management in Modern Era

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Editors – Dr. Seema Gupta & Dr. Pooja Khanna

ISBN – 978-81-93608-87-6

Year 2018


Pages – 162

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Stress is a negative emotional state that generates negative changes in internal body systems and external changes in behavior. It hampers the daily life of a person resulting to which he/she does not make proper adjustment with oneself, in particular and with society, in general.

Stress is generally caused by pressuring events generated by social environment like, noise, crowding, unhealthy relationships, illness and so many others but it is very strange that all stressful events do not influence every person with equal magnitude. It varies according to the human nature, timely requirements, level of tolerance, use of management techniques and /or coping behavior. That is why we see some people disturbed by little bit of stressful event while others do not.

Therefore, it can be said that experience of stress depends upon personal appraisal process and potential of external stressful events and in order to get rid of from them people seek to avoid or at least try to minimize the power of that external stimulus. In addition, people also seek such behaviors that enable them to be in different from them.

Controlling stressful situations is also an example. So they are termed
as stress management techniques Many psychologists have shed light
on many stress management programs and followed many approaches.