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e-Resources for School And College Subjects

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Editor – Dr. Shikha Chaturvedi

ISBN – 978-93-87922-40-2


Year – 2018

Pages – 172

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Product Description

Education is a process of development. It is Physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual for an individual. When we talk about developed society, developed nation, it is very much related to the whole process of education which helps to develop a nation on modern platform. It is very much necessary for a country to change its education system time to time to meet out the present challenges on national and international standards.
Now a days India is moving towards digitalization. Digital India Program is a flagship program of government of India with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered knowledge economy. This movement is taking pace through various programs for digital learning running by government of India and premier institutions in the form of developing e-content.
Digital content is also known as e-resources includes all kind of content created and developed through various electronic media. The e-content is basically a package that satisfies the conditions like minimization of distance, cost effectiveness, user friendliness and adaptability to local conditions. Well-developed e-content based on different school and university subjects can help to learn the subjects effectively to learners.
Referring to this context, a seven days national workshop on “Preparation of e-resources for school and college subjects” is organized by department of Teacher Education, N.A.S. College Meerut, sponsored by Government of Uttar Pradesh with following objectives:
1. To introduce with Digital Literacy and its need in Present Scenario
2. To make aware about the importance of e-resources in digital era.
3. To Develop and create e-resources in various school and colleges subjects.
4. To explain the process of e-resources development.
5. To get accounted with free and open educational resources, web2.0 online tool and creative commons (c.c) license
6. To create awareness about netiquettes.
Taking into account above objectives the workshop was designed and it successfully achieved its objectives during the course of its act.
The present book in hand is an outcome of the endeavour to make the
proceeding of the workshop useful for the teacher, teacher-educator and students so as to cope up them with the present need of digital era.