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Foundation of Physical Education

Author – Dr. M.S.Pasodi

ISBN – 978-93-87922-06-8

Year – 2018


Pages – 82

Weight – 250gm

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Product Description

It may be a science or arts subject, studying relevant foundation subjects, helps students to understand and appreciate the respective advanced courses in a better sense.
The relationship of Physical education with other subjects, it’s origin, meaning and definitions is the introductory unit. Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology, are the subjects, which are the foundation for almost all medical sciences, social science and humanities, education and physical education subjects.
Sports philosophy helps to understand the meaning importance and various schools of philosophy and their respective application and educational implications in physical education. Some of the important concepts and schools, Viz., knowledge, wisdom realism, naturalism pragmatism etc. help
the person to develop his personality in a dignified way and hence can develop his own philosophy of life.
Similarly, Sociological foundation of Physical education helps the person to understand society, culture, development of sports culture etc. Again Psychological foundation give information about various concepts and theories of personality, motivation, interest, learning, Cognitive development, human physical growth and development etc. With which, teachers and
students can study and understand human needs, behaviours, motivation and other abilities, personality etc. And hence, can provide teaching-learning experiences, sports coaching, training and related sports activities.
Further by which, organising and participating sports events, conferences, workshops etc. as per the needs of society related to language, food, cultural events, recreational activities may be planned by using local natural and human resources.
This books provides all the dimensions of Foundation subjects in Physical Education. Contents are very systematically classified and are provided in very precise and meaningful way, hence students of all the level, either D.P.Ed., B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed. or researchers at M.Phil. or Ph.D. or physical education teachers from primary to higher secondary can have essential information in a single book.