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LEADERSHIP Translate Vision into Reality


Author: Ms Swati Kedia

ISBN: 978-93-82166-88-7

About the Book:

Unit 1
Leadership- Definition, Meaning, Factors of leadership, Significance of leadership, Characteristics of leadership, Leadership functions, Qualities of a good leader, Nature of Leadership, Determinants of effective leadership, Leadership skills
Unit 2
Trait Theory of Leadership, Path Goal Theory, Attribution theory, Charismatic and Transformational Leadership, Situational leadership Theory or Life Cycle Theory, Fielder’s Contingency Theory, Situation as a determinant of effective leadership, Vroom and Yetton model, Followers as determinant of effective Leadership, Likert’s Management System, Managerial Grid, Behavioral styles of Leadership role
Unit 3
Interpersonal Dynamics, Emotional Expression in Interpersonal relations, Personal change through Interpersonal styles and Communication, Johari Window and Transactional analysis, T-Group Theory and Laboratory Methods